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                 Out of Webmode

I have made several pages about webmode, but just been in it myself so I desidet to try and make a new page, where I cover everything from start till end (while I still got it fresh in memory too)

So here goes.. Do understand setting the router up is different from router to router, this is mostly the general info on it.. you will still have to follow the special helppages that is made for your router. Find a pen and paper as we will find a couple of things that you will have to write down for later.

First thing you need to do, is find out the name and number of your router.. and your router is  usually a box that is attached to your computer. The name and number is written on the box itself. Write this down on the piece of paper you found before..

Next thing we need to do is to find your routers ip adress.

Go to start in the left corner of your computer screen, click on run and type CMD or command and then click ok

and that will get you a black box that pops up looking like this

in here you type IPCONFIG and then click on enter

which gives you this black box..



it shows you your routers ip adress (I removed mine so it wont confuse anyone)

Write this adress down on your paper.

Now open a webbrowser and type in http:// and then the ip adress you have just been given

(many pictures may look different, depending on your computer, router and settings)

If you have been showing in green before but been thrown back in webmode, the chances that it is just your routers ip adress that has changed is pretty big. (thats what happend to me)

Now from here on, you will need to go to the special helppage for your router.

You do that by either going *here* and find it or write to *support* and let us know the name and number of your router, and we will find it for you.

After that all you have to do is follow the pictures on that page step by step.. trust me if I can get out of webmode, so can you.. *smiles

If you need more help with it than this, please send me a message in Moove or at Madam_Moove@live.dk and I will help you thou it, and remember there is no stupid questions.

I hope this could help you some

Blessings Madam Moove

I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)