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   How to get support in Moove

Here is step by step how to get support help in Moove If you got any sort of questions please contact support in Moove, we will be happy to help you with any questions you might have... When you upload the logfile it is only seen by Moove representatives


The LogFile

moove Roomancer writes special technical incidents and environment information into a file. Please note: We need this file to solve technical problems. It is only visible for moove representatives analyzing it technically. We value your privacy!

The file is located in the Roomancer installation folder:

Please Browse...> for the file R2Error.Log e.g. in C:\moove\    then send file, in case the special Send File window did not open successfully Just follow the pictures below to write to support and upload the file.. Hope it helps. if not you can always contact me in Moove or here

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