Mission Foundation's Help

        The Nickpage Options

There is many options on the Nickpage and I will try to explain them here


 If you want to go visit this member, click this button. It will take you to their house page where you can choose which room to go to. Some members only have one room listed and it will take you straight there. Most times there is a house page, do remember to read that one. As we have many different types of lifestyles in Moove and it is always good to know the rules of the house. The owner of the house is capable of dismissing you so don’t show up naked or being rude.


If you want to invite this member to visit you, you click here. It will send them a invitation to come visit you.


You can vote for members here. Not many do this, and I think it is a shame. You can give max 10 different votes for each member here. And you can always go back and change it if you change your mind.


This is one of my own favorites. You can send this member an affection cuddle by clicking here. It will show them that you care. Personally I believe you can never get or give to many cuddles *smiles

Secret Crush

Do you have a crush on this member? Then go here and show them someone has a crush on them. You don’t show who you are, and there is different options and ‘hints’ you can send them about it.

Flirt message

Here you can send a short msg, like a littel flirt or blessing

Instant msg

Send this member a im and if they are online they will recieve it straight away.


You can write a mail here, I have a blog written about how to edit the looks of your messages.


Make a gift

You can give a gift to this member here. There is different options to choose from


This is one of the most popular things in Moove. Here you can leave a note in their guestbook. It is always wonderful to get a guestbook msg. a flirt a blessing or a simple hello.. only your imagination sets the limit. There is many places you can find graphic’s to use online. And just above the box where you type the msg, there is a bunch of links to these places.

My remark

Here you can write what you think of this member. And only you can see this. Nobody else can. But it is a good way to remember different members


Here you can add this Nickpage to your favorites in your web browser so it is easier to find next time.


You can also bookmark this page to different options. I have never used this one so I am a bit lost, but it will show you what and how to do it.


Do you know two members you think ought to meet? Then you can introduce them to each other here.


Are you in love? Got a best friend? Here you can add a relation and get a ring (gold members only) there is rings for being in love, engaged, married or best friends. You can send a request to another member to have rings with you, and if they accept then it will show on your Nickpage.


If you are gold member you can be a team member on other members Nickpage. You have to be premium to have your own team. But then you can add your close and special friends to your team and show what they are to you. Like family members ect.


Click here to buddy this member.


You can send roses, flowers, hearts, diamonds and sooo many other things here to another member and it will show on their Nickpage. It is always wonderful to get roses or something else. So show someone you care about them by doing this.


If you want to give some money to another member you click here. Remember to check the members name, so you are sure you are sending it to the right member.

Show read

If you want the member to know you have been reading their Nickpage, you click here and they will get a instant message about it.


If you click here you will ignore this member, that means the member can not contact you, visit you or mail you.


      You can earn get different medals to show on your nickpage


I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)