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          Your Moove Folder

Now you poberly know how to find community page, and if not then here is a short version,

In your window, you look up to the left top, there will be a option called Community page, clik that. Then you are on Community page, and last we talked about what was in the left side of community page, now we will talk about the rest. (= more in left side lol)

There are many many awesome designers in Moove. I will give you a few links, but it is best to know where to find them, so here we go....

Still in your left side, you scroll down to the blue button called serch design pages, clik that.. now on this next side, you will write what you are looking for, so lets say I type whip.. then Moove will show me all the places whip is mentioned in the design pages.. Smart eh?

Another way is, insted of clicking serch design pages, you clik designer shops  and will get a huge list of designers.

To the left side of their name, in this new side, there is either a green or yellow box, and no it doesnt have anything to do with the way we talked about in Blog 1, how we can show online in Moove.. But here it means that yellow is paied designers and green is the free designers.

Now we are shopping, lets say we are here in this shop http://jess1ee.tripod.com/index.html

there is lots of options here, you can get help like I give you here, and you can shop. if you want to shop simply clik the right page, and when you clik a picture, a download will pop up.

It is really Important that you remember where you save it.  If you do it on your C drive where Moove usually is, then you will be able to find it again. Make a folder called shopping. (I did)

That brings us to your Moovefolder..

Do you remember where you saved Moove when you first downloaded the house? No... you are not the first, well I actually didn't even know there was a C drive lol I was lost, and Jess1ee as the link were for, was so sweet and paitent with me, she is the reason I am still here.. She is now my Moove Mom.. a wonderful person, that will help you a lot if you need it, she even got me out of webmode (yellow) twice.. so she works magic, and is also a talented designer as well.

Well I got on a sidetrack sorry lol

Your Moove folder look kinda like this, when open

If you dont know how to find it, here is how I was told to do, and the only way I knew how lol..

Once you get there, rightclik and make a shortcut to the desk so you can find it again..

So to find your Moovefolder, if you are as lost as I was, you go to the left buttom corner on your screen, and clik start, then you clik serch  and you type Moove and let it run and serch the computer for you..

If you have a little idea about computers, you will know how to find the Moove folder..

First I cliked start in the lower left corner

(remember mine is danish and isn't same words, so go by the pictures + what I call them, and not what it is called on the picture, deal?)

1. you clik start

2 then clik serch

3. choose files and folders

then you get this box and you type in Moove and clik serch. that way your computer finds you everything related to the name Moove.. smart eh? It is great to use when you look for something else, like a picture, a zip or something else..

Yay getting to know our computer but most important

 we can now go shopping..

I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)