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           How to Edit Messages

This one blog is dedicated to my sweet daughter SOLMAR and I desidet to write it here, cause I have heard others ask as well how to do this.. 

When you send a message to other members you can change the look of it, and my daughter asked me one day and I promised to teach her, so I thought well I might as well do it here so more can see.. and I dont need to type it more than once  *smiles

First you start on community page and scroll down to my profile and click edit profile looks. that will take you to picture two where you will choose messages (just look at how many places you can do this, all those options)


then it will take you to this site.

 first you follow arrow one and you choose the color you want your typing to be, no need to know hmtl codes but remember to click the box first and then you can use your mouse over the colorful place. then arrow one you use to set the type of front and size you want to use.. at arrow three you will have to use a url for the background, from photobucket or somewhere else. the submit and you made most of it... not all thou..


Now you go to the communitypage again and find where it says mail, clik it and scroll down, past the mail and find this box shown to the right and clik on edit message signature.


That leads us to the last page.. I have as you can see some birds in my mail, and I found them and pastled them as a html code, after clicking source, remember to click that or it will not work.. put in anything you want to there are unlimited options..

You can do the same with the background and most of the rest also to your nickpage, guestbook ect ect.... Do as I did, I keep trying and one day I get it right. No need to give up.. do you need more explanation then mail me mailto:Honnygal@hotmail.com 





I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)