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    How to set up your housepage

How to set up your housepage

Step by step

I have been asked often,

how do I put my club or house in the housepage for download,

and since it is one of those I couldn't figure out myself,

then I will tell you here..

Remember to ask me anything you cant figure out..

If I dont know the answer I will find someone that does.

and your name will not be mentioned at all..

mail me at  madam_moove@live.dk  

first thing you need to do is make an account to upload your files,

your zips and mpz's.. it is baciclly just somewhere to store them,

I use mediafire, because there is no limit and it is free.

Twotone was so nice to help me with it and I owe him great thanks..

Thank you Twotone!!!

Now when you have done this and uploaded your file,

(it will guide you thou, step by step)

then it will look like this on mediafire or something simular.

Then you click on share and will get what the second picture shows..

that is a link, the first is the link alone

and second is the link with the name of the item.

so it doesnt matter which one you use..

Now back to Moove.. On community page you scrool down to this


when you click housepage you will get something like what you use

when you write a message in moove or when you write in a guestbook


when you are there and this goes for the

messages and guestbook entrys too...

you can put a link in anywhere you want.

I made a circle around where you click to make a link..

and when I click that one I get this

I wrote exotica (my club) and then I highlighted the word,

clicked the one for links (while having the word highlighted.

  the link was the one you you found here


and then you finish the rest of your housepage and


you have your club for download in your housepage.

Hugs Madam Moove



I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)