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             What is Community Page?

All about the blue boxes



You see us all right now as green boxes, like in the pictures above, and that is normal, it means we haven't loaded yet. And we will in time, some of us offer to give out our actors and room downloads, but that is another blog also listed in this website. (soon)*smiles.


We are custom made. so go and download actors, faces, hair, clothes, furniture’s ect. the more the better and the faster both we and the rooms will load.

So the first thing you need to do is download, download and download.

First go to the Mooveshop as is shown on the picture below as no 1 on Communitypage. 

And my best advise it to download everything in the shop. Because it is free and it will help you so you easier see things and ppl.  so are you male, plz download the women too, and vice versa or it will take forever to see them *smiles

On the picture as no 2 if you scroll down those blue boxes you will come to one named designer shops, you will have to scroll almost down to the buttom of the page. There are a lot of free designers in Moove, 

where you can find everything you need. You need to remember those blue boxes on community page,  because we will get back to them soon. 

On Community page is a lot of option, I call Communitypage for heart of Moove. *smiles  In the top left side you will see your nick name and if you got mail, of if someone tried to visit or invited you   or if there is news in your guestbook then it will show there too..  I will tell how to enable the guestbook in another blog..

Below that, still in your left side of Community page is the blue boxe   we talked about before, and in them you can find helpful members, support help, buddy's, meet and chat, your status, nickpage  ect..

and if you scroll down to the clubs, you can see those that are online,    so just a click  on one of them and  you go clubbing :)

PS: Remember to read their housepage,

(it pops up when you go visit) as we have many different ppl and lifestyles in here, so my personal opinion is it is best to know who you are going to visit, if they have special rules ect.

When you get buddy’s, you will also see them there, just above the clubs, if they are online. 

Ppl. can show online in 3 ways

yellow, green and pink. 



If I am showing online in pink , then I am just here browsing, and I do not have my online home or actor with me 

(often a good idea when you go shopping ect).


If I show in yellow I am in web mode, and can not receive visitors,     but I can still go visit. There is a blog about getting out of webmode.

green =

 am I green I can have guests, go clubbing, open my own club ect. 


If you put your mouse over the names on Community page, still in the left side, then you will get different options, as meet, invite, nickpage ect. A good advise when you are new and go clubbing,almost everyone is very nice and easy to get along with,but plz. do not throw objects at someone else, try kissing ect..or showing up naked, cause the owner of the club is capeable of dismissing you, and most will.

Many think 3D is only about sex, but that is not true.

it can be about sex for sure, you bet, but not only.
I myself have gotten my own online family with parents, kids, brothers and sisters, and they are the reason I am here, not sex.
We have a wonderful fantasy family in here, and I have grown to know and love many different ppl. from around the world.

 Well this was lesson one,now soon we can do what I do best.  We will be ready to go shopping.. yayy 

*Blue boxes*

This is a copy of my blue boxes on community pages. I will go thou them one by one, so we all understand what they are used for, I have always called them for being the heart of communication in Moove...

The blue boxes are in your left side of community page.

In your top left corner, is your name, if you click that, it will take you to your own nickpage. not to edit but just to see it as it is.

If you get mail, it will show as you see mine does. just click it and it will take you to the mailbox you got. It will also tell you if there is guestbook news and how many is online.

Then we get to the blue boxes. The first is help, if you clik that you will be taken to a site with different members offering their help just as I do here. Next one is Helpful members, there is a list over the most helpful members, and you can vote for the one you think helped you the most. You can only do it once so be sure it is the right one, but many doesn't do it at all and it is really appriciated for the one you vote for, so better to do it, than not.. I think.

then there is community and news and is well... the page we are on with the blue boxes allready..

then there is get 3D home and Avatars, if you just signed in you and is very new then you will have to download this, and dont worry it wont cost anything, but it will give you your own house and actor for free...

Get started will tell you how to do that. and if you are looking for something special to find out or understand then, you can look in support request or send in a question,

Then we are down with Meet and Chat (even I am learning stuff here, cause there is actually some I never tried before lol) In meet and chat you will find many members and to set your preferences you go to the bottom of the page and clik preferences and make it so it fits with what you like..

Then we come to newest members and photos, the are quiet selfexplaining, and then there is my news and appicilations, when you clik that one it will tell you about your Widget.

That was the first box, now did I remember it all or did I leave something out? Hmm if I did then let me know ok?

That brings us to the next box wich is very easy to explain, it is the members you have seen recently in your browser..

Then when you get buddys they will show up next..

if.... they are online.. and the explaination as to why they havr different colors is because there is different stated a member can be in... green, yellow and pink. as is explained before.



Untill then msg me if you got questions ty.





I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)